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Unleash the potential of automation in Healthcare

The application of automation technologies has increased in the healthcare industry in recent years. A successful implementation of an automation program can lead to increased efficiency, quality, and an enhanced focus on valuable tasks. To highlight crucial aspects of a successful implementation, we answered three key questions: What are the benefits of automation technologies? How to successfully implement an automation program? What are promising use cases in Healthcare? Read more in our publication of business transformation by implementing automation technologies.

The relationship between R&D expenses and pipeline drugs

Which developments and trends can be identified with regard to R&D spending in the pharmaceutical industry since 2015 and how does this relate to the number of drugs in the pipeline? Our research shows: Between 2015 and 2020, the top 15 pharmaceutical companies have seen steady growth in R&D spending, offset by a declining number of drugs in the pipeline. To stay at the top, be innovative and meet increasing regulatory requirements, companies have to continuously optimize their R&D efforts. Looking at the figures in detail, 10 of the 15 largest global pharmaceutical companies have seen the number of pipeline drugs decline. With the constant increase in R&D spending, a clear focus on the efficiency of R&D processes is required.

Sales optimization through digitalization

As a consequence of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the pharmaceutical industry, market participants will be required to overthink and adapt sales activities and processes. This is especially relevant, since stakeholders persistantly demonstrate an increase in digital affinity. Thee demand for online accessibility of data and information is equally rising. How can the current developments be integrated profitably into the existing operational model? Which initiatives will have to be tackled and how will the role of the sales representative change? Read more in the short overview of digital sales optimization in times of crisis management below.

Opportunities and benefits of digitalization in clinical trials

Digitalization of clinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry has become essential in terms of efficiency, efficacy and speed. Even more, patients will experience reduced burden and increased comfort. But what exactly are the opportunities and benefits of virtual clinical trials? How can each phase of clinical trials be adapted in order to secure the set goals? What are the strategic aspects that should be considered?

O&C's business continuity and crisis management approach

How can companies across the globe secure business continuity and what kind of measures need to be taken to manage the current crisis as a consequence of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak? What kind of role does extrenal spend and cash mangement play?

The challenge in pharmaceutical R&D

What can pharmaceutical companies do and how can they transform their R&D department in order to deal with declining R&D productivity?

Consequences of the Digitale-Versorgung-Gesetz

What is going to change for the healthcare industry as a consequence of the Digitale-Versorgung-Gesetz (DVG)?

With the DVG, the legislator specifically promotes for the first time digital innovations in medical provision – with far-reaching consequences for all stakeholders.

Pharmaceutical sales force of the future

How will the role of the pharma sales representative change and what effect will that have on the interaction with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) with respect to its intensity in the individual steps of the HCP journey?

Insurance companies in the digital age

How can insurance companies stay competitive in a changing digital environment and what is required to be successful in the transformation process to become a digital insurer of the future?

Shaping the revolution of healthcare

What are major aspects of the digitalization in the healthcare industry and how can digital capabilities be enhanced based on transformation?